Why Your Triangle Choke Is Not Working (Generally Speaking)

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When I teach triangle choke to people who are not familiar with it, some of them often ask…

“Hey Masa, am I doing this correctly?”

I usually answer to them by saying:

“Ask your training partner!”

If your choke is on and effective, your training partner will know it immediately… and tap accordingly.

The more you get used to doing triangle, the more you will develop a sense of when your triangle is on.

And when you do triangle correctly, it feels as if you can keep going further and further without feeling much resistance.

Generally speaking, if your triangle choke is not working, it’s because your positioning is off.

If you want to get better at triangling people, you have to understand this feeling so you will be able to adjust your position.

Focus on improving your position and controlling your opponent.

And don’t squeeze hard right from the beginning, even if you think you are in a good position to finish your opponent with triangle. You can start with just enough amount of pressure that won’t burn your legs.

Increase pressure gradually, and make sure to keep improving your position if there’s still room for such improvement.

All of these things apply to every other choke.