Tap Them Out

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In BJJ, almost everyone gets smashed & destroyed from time to time.

That’s a huge part of learning experience.

You make mistakes and improving your skills by correcting your errors.

If you get your guard passes, get mounted, and armbar-ed from the mount position, there’s no one but yourself to blame.

Yes, some people make excuses. But ultimately, it’s pretty clear that your skills weren’t simply good enough in a given situation.


I think one practical use of BJJ is to examine your life through the lens of BJJ.

We are all learning some things every day whether they are to do with your job, studies, hobbies, or some other interests.

But these subject matters may not give you clear signals like in BJJ. In BJJ, there are skills you can practice. You learn by doing. It’s normal to get beaten up initially. You improve yourself by correcting your mistakes. These concepts could apply to any other area.

Even your life as a whole could be considered as an extremely long training session where you make mistakes most of the times and hopefully you realize you can learn from these mistakes.

When it comes to life, though, sometimes it can be difficult to acknowledge you are responsible for your actions AND reactions. Because it’s often not like your opponent clearly taking your back and finishing you with RNC.

The good news, on the other hand, is that you will probably start improving the quality of your life once you approach it as you approach BJJ (assuming you have a healthy & effective approach to learning BJJ).

Make sure to keep training and growing so you will be able to tap out all the hardships you will encounter in your life.