Success (Or Failure) Is Built on This

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There can be all sorts of factors that contribute to success or failure.

Some of these factors are more important than others.

Consistency is probably one of the most significant contributors to success. And it could also lead you to failure because failure results from consistently doing/choosing things that move you closer to failure.

If you consistently train, your jiu jitsu skills are more likely to improve compared to when you train sporadically.

Likewise, instead of hopping from one flash move to another, try sticking with a small set of techniques and sharpening them. Your jiu jitsu skills are more likely to improve.

Of course, consistency is essential in any other area of life, too. For example, if you eat healthy food consistently and sleep well consistently, your health will probably be better. But if you eat junk food and drink too much consistently, that will probably bring certain consequences to your health.

Consistency sounds like the most basic thing, but it can be challenging to be consistent for many of us.

Perhaps it’s because we tend to overlook how small-but-consistent actions could bring us considerable returns in the long run.

Or perhaps it’s because we tend to overcomplicate what needs to be done… and never even get on with it.

If you want to build good habits and break bad habits, a proven method is to make it absolutely easy to do “good” actions and absolutely difficult to do “bad” actions.

It becomes even more effective when you reward yourself for doing what needs to be done, as such rewards will create positive feedback loops in your brain.

Where could you use some consistency in your BJJ training/life?