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I trained at the PSLPB headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, from Feb to the beginning of July in 2016.

PSLPB is the team that the world-class BJJ players like Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers, Tiago Barros, Hiago George, Thalison Soares, and Diego Pato represent/ed.

When I was there, Lo had already left the team, and the Miyao brothers were already based in NYC.

But PSLPB was (and is) still one of the toughest teams for light weight players.

It’s a place where all sorts of talents congregate because they want to become the next world champion. The next Leandro Lo. The next Miyao. The next Thalison Soares.

Many people come to and visit PSLPB with such an ambition, but I suppose the majority of them leave as well because they are most likely to have to face the reality that their jiu jitsu sucks.

Well, compared to the other world-class BJJ players there anyway.

And, not surprisingly, that’s the reality I had to face as well.

I was doing OK against many of them… but against the really good ones?

Pretty much after every session, I wondered what I had been doing all these years.

Eventually, I changed my mindset, and things started getting better afterward though.

Anyway, if I am to summarize my lessons there into two words, it will be easily…

Não para.

That means “Don’t stop” in Portuguese.

I think I heard this phrase more than anything else while rolling.

It’s a magic phrase because reminding myself not to stop is somewhat responsible for improving my performance.

I’ll talk more about it in the next post.

p.s. When I was at PSLPB, they had a competitor session from 10:30 am from Monday to Thursday. They would just roll until noon. I don’t remember how long each round was, but probably 5 or 6 minutes. The intervals were like 30-60 seconds.