“Don’t Stop”

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As I wrote in my previous post, I trained at PSLPB in São Paulo between Feb and early July in 2016, and my biggest lesson comes down to one phrase:

Don’t stop.

This email is about why implementing this piece of advice can improve your game… as it helped with my game.

I’m all for being precise when it comes to BJJ, and generally, I aim to make my moves more precise. This process is fun for me. That’s why I keep training.

I don’t want to make messy moves. I don’t want to move when I don’t need to.

So I wait for the right moment.

I do think this is perfectly OK in a match.

But when it comes to sparring, this attitude can get in the way of my progress.

You need to create opportunities by taking initiatives. And you do that by moving, not by stopping your moves & being still.

This “don’t stop” attitude can also help you grab attacking opportunities when they are right there and before they quickly disappear.

If you try to make a super clean move, you might miss that sweeping opportunity.

Your best option might be to grab your opponent’s pants and stand up to score a sweep.

Sure, you will probably make more mistakes this way, but you will learn more if you can turn these mistakes into lessons.

And that’s exactly what you need.

p.s. “Don’t stop” may not apply to you. A better piece of advice for you may be “slow down”.

Check whether your ideal (e.g., “Be precise”, “Only go for submissions”, etc.) isn’t sabotaging your progress. Doing the opposite may help you reach your next level after all.