Is Jiu Jitsu Easy?

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In my previous post

I wrote a breakdown of Khabib Nurmagomedov’s submission sequence.

(If you missed it & want to read it, look for it in your inbox. Its subject is “Khabib”.)

Let’s stay on the Khabib track for a bit more.

A while ago, Khabib wore a T-shirt with the printing “IF SAMBO WAS EASY, IT WOULD BE CALLED JIU JITSU” at weigh-in.

Some (or many?) BJJ folks weren’t pleased about it.

I suppose it’s because they believe BJJ is not as easy as non-BJJ players might think.

BJJ can be physically demanding in a way that’s different from the way Sambo can be physically demanding.

But I’m not here to argue for how BJJ can be physically demanding or requires fine skills, comparing BJJ with Sambo.

I’m inclined to agree with this statement, which I know is just a provocative joke.

I’d go even further …

BJJ is supposed to be easy!

If you have to struggle to sweep someone, that means your sweeping skills aren’t sharp enough to sweep that particular person.

You may be able to cover the lack of such skills by using strength, but that will wear you out little by little.

When you execute your move well, it feels as if there’s no or little resistance from your opponent.

They can’t resist your technique.

Nice and easy.

Do you feel this way about your moves?

This is the kind of feeling you want to feel when you execute your moves.

It’s a good habit to ask yourself …

“How can I do this more easily?”

Keep sharpening your skills so BJJ will become easier (at least against some people).

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