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Most things are red herrings.

There are so many distractions around us, especially in this age of social media.

It’s easy to forget what’s important…

Or perhaps you were too distracted by your surroundings to take some moments of reflection and think about what’s important to you.

You don’t need a vacation or anything to think about such things. It’s a matter of making a conscious decision to do so.

Here’s a Marcus Aurelius quote I like:

“People try to get away from it all — to the country, to the beach, to the mountains. You always wish that you could too. Which is idiotic: you can get away from it anytime you like.
By going within.

Nowhere you can go is more peaceful — more free of interruptions — than your own soul.”

I understand that your life can be hectic sometimes.

And that there can be many distractions and temptations.

(The fact that there are too many BJJ techniques that look attractive is one of such distractions as well!)

But try not to be tempted by them.

Everyone has different priorities and the specifics of what’s important to them may well vary from person to person. And that’s OK.

But as an overall direction to take…

Focus on being better & sharing what you learned in that process with others.

This is one (pretty good) way of how we can get better collectively.