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This may not be the case for you…

… but I feel that many of us who practice martial arts tend to have a desire to become a better person overall.

We want to prove ourselves to the world that we are not weak.

Martial arts is an excellent tool for personal growth because it helps you become stronger physically and mentally if you use this tool right.

Being good at BJJ doesn’t automatically make you a better person. Still, the process of becoming better at BJJ can give you (BJJ) lessons that can help you become more patient and resilient in your daily life situations.

It’s up to you to capitalize on these lessons, though.

By the way, I feel that BJJ is a good representation of how karma (or whatever you call it) works.

You help others become better.

These people will be better training partners.

When you have better training partners, you will have better training sessions.

New people who start learning BJJ in this kind of environment will be exposed to more technical players earlier in their BJJ career… I bet they will get better much quicker than their past generations.

And so on.

You can do the same thing in your life as well. However, it’s a bit trickier because, in a BJJ gym, people intend to get better at BJJ, but people in the world outside of your gym may want to keep doing the same things over and over with regard to their non-BJJ activities.

But, my point is that you work on yourself and become a better person… and once you’ve reached a certain point, you can help others get to that point if they are so willing.

You can become a role model and pass on your wisdom to others.