What’s the Point of It All?

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Everyone has a different reason for starting to learn BJJ.

What keeps them going varies, too.

And the thing is… your motivation for training can change over time.

Perhaps the reason why you started training is that you saw how Royce Gracie fought in UFC.

Or perhaps you wanted to be strong and (for whatever reason) thought BJJ would help you achieve that goal.

And the reason why you keep training? Perhaps because you want to become the next era’s best grappler. Perhaps because you just enjoy hanging out with BJJ buddies. Or you simply enjoy the fact that there’s always something you can learn.

If you’re in this game long enough, you might start looking for mastery.

But mastery may be an impossible task for almost anybody in BJJ.

How do we even define mastery in BJJ? You could become better than other people, but it just means that… you’re better than other people. It may not necessarily mean you have mastered the art of jiu jitsu.

If it’s an impossible task, though, why should we even care about trying for mastery? Because we may never reach that height.

But maybe the point is not so much about actually achieving mastery.

Instead, it may be about constantly striving to become better than before… so you can at least get closer to mastery while living your life like a permanent learner.