This Is Really Obvious (But I Still Forgot About It)

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Once I left a gi in a jeepney* when I was in Manila, Philippines. I realized I had lost my gi after getting off the jeepney.

(*Jeepneys are modified jeeps used like buses and common means of public transportation in the Philippines.)

Once I was in Isfahan, Iran. I almost left my gi at my accommodation. This time, I didn’t lose my gi, but it was close. I noticed I didn’t have my gi with me before catching a bus to another city. I guess I became wiser after my Manila experience.

My latest episode of forgetting to bring my gi was a bit over a year ago when I was back in Japan. When I arrived at an open mat session at Paraestra Tokyo, I discovered that I had left my gi at home. It would take me about 1 hour and a half to get there door-to-door. I didn’t even have my no-gi stuff. So I just left and headed home.

I don’t remember leaving my gi on any other occasions in my two decades of BJJ career, but I suppose it did happen from time to time before as well.

BJJ gi looks like such an obvious item, and it may be hard to believe someone might forget to take their gi with them… but it does happen.

I suppose it happens when we are fixated on or distracted by some other things.

This mental state happens to us when we’re playing BJJ as well.

You might be attacking your opponent with triangle choke… and not notice that there’s an obvious opportunity for switching to armbar because you’re too focused on making your not-quite-working triangle choke work.

It might be way better to go for armbar in that situation instead.

You have to know what your potential big opportunities are in major positions and make sure to grab them when such opportunities arise rather than forgetting about them.

Some of these opportunities can be as big as your gi if you pay attention 🙂