A Tiny Little Secret to Maintaining Your Guard

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In my previous post, I shared a video of my match from 2014.

I wanted to review this old video of mine with some critical eyes.

While there are many things I could point out to my 2014 self, it turns out that this match is a pretty good example of how I maintain my guard position.

Here’s the video again.

In case you didn’t read the previous email, my opponent was a world champion as a blue belt.

Anyway… if you decide to watch this video and study what you could do to maintain your guard position, make sure to pay attention to my left hand.

Essentially, this sleeve control is my minimal defense.

I was and still am confident that not many people (especially those around my size) can pass my guard as long as I have this sleeve control.

It’s relatively easy to establish this control. Also, my opponents tend to overlook it because it looks rather harmless. So, not many people even try to get rid of this grip.

With that in mind, check the video and notice…

My opponent runs around or tries to smash my guard, but he never addresses this grip.

Sure, my leg dexterity may be better than many other BJJ players…

… but I feel that my real secret to maintaining my guard is knowing where I’m safe and taking advantage of this knowledge.

No matter which guard you play, I believe you can still find some control like this one. It will help you maintain your guard position.

p.s. I received a question about why I cried after that match (this was the only match after which I cried in my entire BJJ career).

It’s simply because I prepared hard. I cut my weight to 63kg. I think my normal weight was around 67kg around that time. It’s not much, but it’s a lot when you don’t have much you can actually lose anyway.

Although it kinda helped that Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world and I didn’t have much money to spend.