Hong Kong in 2014

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I was entertaining this idea of doing some competition/sparring footage breakdowns.

Not necessarily footages of famous competitors, but possibly your footages.

So I could offer you (and others) some constructive feedback.

But then I thought to myself…

Hmm, I haven’t done that kind of breakdowns before.

Perhaps I should practice first… by watching my old videos and see if I can come up with feedback to myself.

I don’t have a video for every match of mine, but I have quite many videos from when I was a purple belt.

I picked a certain video and started watching it.

It was one of my most memorable matches…

… because I think this match is the only match where I lost AND cried afterward in my entire BJJ career.

Of course, I lose from time to time, but I don’t think I ever cried other than after this match. I prepared for the tournament so much, and was eager to win. And I lost in my first match.

The funny thing is, someone told me later on that my opponent was a world champion as a blue belt and would train regularly with Rodolfo Vieira and other GFTeam top athletes.

That input changed my perspective a bit… well, from “OK, I suck at BJJ” to “Well, maybe I’m not that bad?”

If you want to watch this match from 2014, here it is.

It might be interesting to those of you who want to improve guard retention skills.

If you have any questions about what I’m doing in this video, just shoot me a message. I’m happy to answer them privately.