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If you want to improve your guard passing skills, you have to learn how to create immense pressure.

One of the best guard passers I ever rolled with is Tiago Barros from PSLPB (though I haven’t rolled with other “famous” players that much). Tiago usually competes in the light feather category (-64kg), and rolling with him feels much worse than rolling with someone over 100kg.

Guard passing pressure is, for the most part, a result of combining good positioning and proper weight distribution. How you position your limbs against your opponent’s body determines what kind of control you will have over your opponent. And you reinforce that control with your body weight.

It can take some time to understand what it’s like to create strong guard passing pressure, but once you’ve learned it, your guard pass will become much harder to deal with.

I came across this video featuring Giancarlo Bodoni, where he shares some useful insights about guard passing pressure along with some demonstrations. It’s only about 12 minutes, and I believe it can help you understand various ways to create guard passing pressure.

Try setting aside some time to watch this video and see if you can upgrade your understanding of guard passing pressure. You will get huge benefits in the long run.