How to Make It Easier to Attack Your Opponent

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Imagine the following scenario.

You didn’t sleep well.

You had a long day at work.

Now you’re finally at a BJJ session, and your coach decides that you will be in the shark tank, changing training partners each minute, for 30 minutes.

After the end of the shark tank, you’re exhausted, but a training partner asks you to roll with him. You have no strength or stamina left.

Depending on your skills and your training partner’s skills, you might do well against him or you might not. But you can imagine that in a situation like this, you wouldn’t be able to roll as you would when you are full of energy.

It may sound ridiculous and obvious, but we don’t perform that well when we are exhausted.

But what if your opponent is exhausted? It will be much easier for you to attack them. Of course, you can’t ask them to be voluntarily exhausted before your match or sparring.

You could wear them out during your match or sparring, though. And that’s exactly what you want to do to them.

Passing their guard. Sweeping them. Taking them down. Choking them. It doesn’t matter what kind of offense we are talking about, but these offensive actions rarely happen as if you are knocking out your opponent with one and only one punch.

It’s more like striking your opponent multiple times so that their guard will be down gradually… and capitalizing on their mistakes when such mistakes happen.

Or to put it in BJJ terms, you do toreando from left to right and vice versa multiple times so you can disrupt your opponent’s rhythm. While doing so, you aim at getting into a favorable position for setting up AND finishing the knee cut pass from.

It doesn’t have to be speed passing like toreando, but you could use slow cookin’ pressure passing to wear your opponent out, too. The point here is that ideally each offensive attempt should “damage” your opponent little by little.

If you keep doing this without getting more tired than your opponent, it will become much easier for you to be successful with your pass/sweep/takedown/submission eventually.

Give them no time to rest.