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Patience is a virtue you must cultivate throughout your jiu-jitsu career.​

You need it in all sorts of situations.​

When you are trying to pass your opponent’s guard, you need to establish your position first and then keep your balance. You need to be patient.​

When you are going for a takedown, you must attack from a better angle by dominating your opponent through hand/grip fighting. You need to be patient.​

When you are working towards a submission, you can’t rush and give away your control by rushing your sub. You need to be patient.​

When working on a new technique, you must remember that it can take some time to learn and use it effectively. You need to keep trying. You need to be patient.​

When you are new to BJJ, you will get beaten by everybody. And that’s a path almost everybody goes through, too. You can still set achievable goals and feel a sense of progress despite such seeming defeats. But you need to be patient.​

When you have achieved excellent results in your previous competitions or you have been holding the same belt for some time, you might feel as if you deserve to be promoted to the next belt. While belt promotion is a major milestone in your BJJ journey, improving your skills is your priority. Belts will come accordingly. You need to be patient.​

Cultivate your patience.