Health Bar

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If you’ve ever played Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Combat, or any video game where your character (and your enemies) have a health bar, you know how important it is to keep your health bar in good condition.​

Because when it reaches zero, you lose.​

In a real-life fighting game that is BJJ, it’s the same thing.​

If your opponent submits you, your health bar crashes and goes to zero. But this is not the only way your health bar goes down.​

Each time you make a move, it goes down. If your move is unnecessary and/or explosive, it goes down pretty quickly.​

Your opponent’s offense can damage your health bar, too.​

Whenever you are forced to react to your opponent, you are likely to be spending your energy.​

Or, instead, you could create intense pressure against your opponent and put them into a defensive situation where they have to spend their energy.​

Imagine you and your opponent have a health bar, respectively.​

What can you do to take their energy away from them? Think about it and see how it works.​

Every move counts.