Is This the Easiest Way?

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Learning BJJ is partly about learning how to be efficient.

Use as little energy as possible so you can tire your opponent out.

Be a few steps ahead of your opponent so you will be in charge of the pace.

Control your opponent in such a way that they will come into your submission.

“Eh, I see, but how do I do that?”

Good question.

Probably a good start is to ask yourself this question:

What’s the easiest way for me to do such and such?

To put it differently, what kind of situation do I want my opponent to be in if I want to do such and such to them?

And then think about how to make them want to move into that situation.

In many cases, beginners often insist on doing things hard way… mostly because they don’t realize they need to provoke some desired reaction or don’t know how to do so.

But I bet that if you start asking yourself the “what’s the easiest thing” question, it will help you clarify your options.

While it’s important to learn actual techniques and moves, updating your BJJ critical thinking skills is crucial and helps you improve your overall game, too.

Put your thinking cap on and start looking for easier paths.