How to Worry Less

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If you worry too much, you will probably consume your mental energy too much, too.​

The quality of your life is likely to improve if you worry less because you will be able to use your mental energy on better things like BJJ.​

What I will write below may not work for you, especially if you tend to worry naturally about anything and everything or depending on the subjects of your worries.​

But it may work for you after some practice. It’s worth spending a bit of time so you will have fewer worries in your life.​

It works for me most of the time and can eliminate a lot of worries in my life.​

The question is…​

How and why do I worry less?​

The answer is simple.​

I keep the following in mind:​

Worrying won’t solve problems.​

Let’s say I start worrying about something. Why? Because I ran into some problem.​

This problem may or may not be solvable. But even if it’s solvable, it won’t be solved by worrying about it. A better thing for me to do is to find and work towards a solution so I can get rid of the problem instead of just worrying about it.​

If I get busy with solving the problem, my worry is likely to fade away.​

In case it’s not solvable, there’s little point for me to worry about it. Again, worrying doesn’t help me much anyway. A better thing for me to do is figure out the next best course of action.​

Of course, I have “oops” or “oh shit” moments just like everybody else, but I try to spend as little time as possible on these feelings and move on as quickly as possible.​

There’s a good chance many of you take this approach, but if you have never thought about how worrying doesn’t do much, try practicing this mindset I explained here.​

Make sure to try it instead of worrying that it might not work.​

Worry less, roll more.