Common Guard Mistake

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Here’s a common mistake I tend to notice among beginners when they play the guard position:​

They react to everything.​

“Everything” includes things you don’t need to react to and things you shouldn’t react to.​

For example, if your opponent is doing the toreando pass, the chances are that they will change sides multiple times. That’s what a good guard passer would do — using toreando to force you to make a mistake so they can capitalize on it.​

If you react to this pass by trying to follow your opponent, that’s exactly what they want to happen.​

Sometimes, it’s better not to react and stay where you are and keep your position by only making small adjustments.​

But, practically speaking… what should you do then?​

My recommendation is simple.​

Slow down and try to move less.

That’s an experiment you can do the next time you roll. Do it and see what happens.