How to Solve BJJ Puzzles

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I’m going to write about a couple of great ways to solve BJJ puzzles.

They are more like general formulae/ways of thinking rather than solutions to specific puzzles.

When you roll, you run into all sorts of situations and problems where you just don’t know how to move one step further towards your end goal that is submission.

These situations and problems are your BJJ puzzles.

If you meet the following requirements, you will at least know or have better ideas about how to solve these puzzles.

  1. You know where you want to reach/what you want to do.
  2. You understand what’s potentially blocking your path from where you are to where you want to be.
  3. You understand what your opponent wants to do when you try to reach your goal and why they want to do it.
  4. You understand what your opponent doesn’t want you to do when you try to reach your goal and why you should do it.

But how do you figure out #2-4?

The simplest way is to think backward and work through some potential scenarios with your training partner.

Try this approach and keep improving your BJJ critical thinking skills.