Can’t Fake It

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It’s hard for me to relate to them, but some people fake their belt/rank in the world of martial arts.

It does happen, but I suppose this is a relatively rare thing in BJJ because tracking someone’s lineage in BJJ is easy enough.

You can’t really fake much in BJJ because your skills show up in how you roll, and you can’t keep avoiding sparring.

You could buy a black belt and start wearing it as soon as you “get” that black belt. But the point of practicing BJJ is not just about wearing a black belt.

I suppose people fake their rank partly because they want some status/respect without actually doing the hard work of earning it.

But as far as I’m concerned, the point of practicing BJJ lies in your struggles to improve your skills. The hard work part.

You gain new knowledge and experience through constant trials and errors.

The knowledge and experience you accumulate over the years will, in turn, help others on their BJJ journey.

That’s how you move up ranks and get genuine respect.

While everyone else goes through similar struggles, more or less, your struggles are your own unique experiences that no one else can experience in the same exact way.

If you start enjoying these struggles and grinds, that would be the best. Because you have a lot more opportunities for growth in them.

Forget about promotions and all. Enjoy your struggles instead.