After but Not Before

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This super brief post is more for those of you who are new to competition.

It’s tempting to think that your first competition is a learning experience where winning or losing doesn’t matter.

It might not be your first competition. Instead, it might be your 50th competition.

Either way, this attitude is quite tricky.

Because it is not such a bad perspective to have as far as your whole learning journey is concerned.

But you have to learn to push that thought aside before your competition.

If you decide to compete, then practice going in the mat space with the attitude of a champion.

If you even entertain the possibility of you losing, then you are already behind.

So, push that thought aside, too.

You can (and should) reflect on your match/es and see them as your precious learning experiences AFTER you competed. But not BEFORE.

If you decide to compete, go there to win.

I will write more about how you could practice and prepare for your upcoming competition in my next post.