You Might Be Overlooking It

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You probably know something I and others don’t know.​

And probably some people have asked you for some advice about it.

If you’ve lived long enough, you’ve probably also noticed that most people who asked you for advice didn’t actually follow through… no matter how detailed or complete your advice was.​

But then, it’s also likely that you’ve been on the other side as well. You asked someone for some advice… and you ended up not following it, even when you knew that the advice was legit.​

I’ve been on both sides for sure.​

Perhaps we could say the same things about how many of us approach BJJ. There are tons of helpful advice you could get from your coaches, training partners, online resources, and so on.​

And we might not be actually following these pieces of helpful advice we could easily get, even when we should.​

If you are constantly looking for the next advice but haven’t really followed much of what people shared with you, it might be about time you make up your mind and get on with following the advice.​

You might be simply overlooking what you are looking for because you are too busy looking for the next best pieces of tips and hints and hacks.​

This is a reminder to myself, too.