What Did You Learn This Year in Terms of BJJ?

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“What did you learn this year in terms of BJJ?”

This may be a tricky question for many of us!

I suppose many of you couldn’t train as much as you wanted this year.

(On that note, I have quite a few people reading this from Taiwan & Vietnam… the best countries of the year as far as COVID-19 responses & measures are concerned)

But… now that the end of 2020/the beginning of 2021 is approaching, it would be a good idea to reflect on what you learned this year in terms of BJJ.

I didn’t train from the end of January till the beginning of May, which I think happens to be the longest break I ever took since I started practicing BJJ.

I felt OK about this, probably because I’ve been doing BJJ for such a long time (about 18 years), and I know I will keep doing it for the rest of my life as long as I can do so.

I prefer not to take an extended break like this, but I guess I could say I learned that I’d feel OK about taking such a break.

Once I got back to training… I almost died at the warmups during my first session after the break. It wasn’t like anything special. Just some standard BJJ warmups, though perhaps some more gymnastic workouts added.

This reminds me of how BJJ can actually be pretty tough for those who are not used to the intensity of a typical BJJ training session. I hardly think about it in normal circumstances because my body is used to it. But now I know better.

As far as technical stuff is concerned, I started working a bit more on my (non-existent) wrestling skills. I will keep working on this area of my game in 2021 because I see great benefits to learning how to wrestle, at least the parts of wrestling directly relevant to BJJ and grappling.

And… how about you? What did you learn this year in terms of BJJ?

Hit reply & tell me about it if you like. In any case, do think about it so you can notice how you could do better in 2021.