Unusual (But Common) Way of Improving Your BJJ Skills

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There’s an unusual but common way of improving your BJJ skills.

Many people often realize that they can retain what they learn when they start using this method. They usually start paying more attention to details as well.

I know some of you already do this.

But many beginners don’t.

The reason why they don’t do it is understandable, though.

They are often not really in a position to use this method…

… except no one can stop you from doing it on your own.

“OK, Masa. What’s this secret method you’re speaking of?”

It’s teaching BJJ.

Well, duh.

“That sounds too simple, and I’m not in a position to teach!”, you say?

I’ll mention how you could still teach even if you’re a beginner shortly.

But first…

Let me explain why teaching BJJ can help you learn and improve your BJJ skills (if that’s not obvious).

When you teach a technique to people who don’t know what this technique is, you need to pay attention to what’s happening when executing this technique.

You need to break it down into actionable steps.

And then you need to verbally explain all these pieces of information… in a clear manner.

By going through this process, you will often find some missing parts in your understanding of that particular technique.

Overall… you will be more likely to put yourself into a serious learning mode instead of passively watching someone else demonstrating a certain move to you.

Now… not everyone can be in a position to teach BJJ to others, especially when you’re a beginner.


You can still go through a similar experience even if you don’t have people willing to listen to you as their new BJJ coach.


You can simply record yourself as if you’re teaching a technique to others.

You can use a voice recorder or a video function of your phone. The point is to flesh out what’s on your mind and verbally express what you think you know.

If you’re skeptical, just try it.

Start with your favorite technique and see how you would teach it to someone who has some understanding of BJJ.

The great thing about this is that you don’t have to wait until you get an opportunity to teach.

If you keep doing this “active learning” method, I’m sure you will improve your overall understanding of BJJ much quicker.