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Your move becomes more effective when your opponent doesn’t expect it.

And it doesn’t mean you should go for flying triangle or even worm guard.

People expect good guard players to play worm guard these days anyway.

I think there’s something that many guard players don’t, but should do…

It’s probably one of the easiest (and most effective) ways for these guard players to level up their game.

Especially when their main guards are spider guard, de la riva, reverse de la riva, etc. (And not X-guard or half guard.)

So… what is this rather unexpected thing that many guard players aren’t doing?

Stand up and wrestle.

I don’t know if you are cheering or booing now, but many guard players refuse to stand up even when they can and should.

I’ve been there… so I know the feeling, though.

But, if I’m trying to pass someone’s guard and I’m almost certain that my opponent is NOT going to stand up, I can feel more comfortable & keep working on my pass.

From a guard player’s perspective… that’s no good.

Because you want your opponent to feel threatened at all times.

Some of the best guard players like Romulo Barral and Cobrinha have decent wrestling skills and actively come up on their feet to complete their reversal. This is partly why their guard game is so effective.

If you play the open guard dominantly and want to improve your overall game, learn how wrestling up works.

You will be way more threatening on the mat that way.