The “Tiptoe” Trick to Improve Your Guard Passing

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I bet you are a normal, good person, more or less.​

But in jiu jitsu, you have to make your opponent’s life as miserable as possible in the context of grappling.​

And it sucks for your opponent when your guard pass creates tremendous pressure by using your body weight properly.​

Most beginners don’t know how, though.​

One of the easiest ways to add more pressure to your guard pass is this.​

​I’ve circled the trick in question, so this may be quite self-explanatory…​

But in case it’s not, Gui Mendes is standing on his toes and leaning onto his opponent.​

I used Gui as an example, but I bet most elite players, like Lucas Lepri, do this.​

By lifting your heels and standing on your toes, you will be able to let your opponent carry your weight. When your opponent has to carry your weight, it becomes harder for them to move around freely.​

I think it’s one of the quickest fixes to your guard passing, and as I said, usually, most beginners don’t do this. Probably because it’s not taught well, or because they weren’t paying enough attention when their professor mentioned it.​

Make sure to try it with your training partners and get their feedback about what kind of difference this “tiptoe” trick makes on your guard passing.​

Also, you can watch and study how and when Gui Mendes and Lucas Lepri (for example) use this tiptoe trick as well.