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Even big-name grapplers will be forgotten eventually.

​It’s sad but a fact.

​I’ve been practicing BJJ since 2002. So I’m familiar with big names around and after that time. But if you asked me, most big names before 2002 wouldn’t ring a bell to me.

​I imagine that’s the case with some of you when I mention names like Leo Vieira, Marcelo Garcia, Robson Moura, and even folks like Rafa & Gui Mendes and Rodolfo Vieira.

​It’s always good to look into the past and see how these elite grapplers from older generations did… especially given how easy it is to find videos of them on YouTube these days.

​One of such legendary BJJ players you should check out or study again is Fernando Tererê.

​His approach to guard passing was different from the typical approach back then, and he influenced directly or indirectly future generations of BJJ players.

Tererê’s style itself is hard to imitate, and I wouldn’t recommend doing so.

But check out this breakdown video by BJJ Scout and learn some guard passing concepts Tererê popularized. See if you could apply these concepts to how you pass the guard.

p.s. If you want to know more about Tererê, read this BJJ Heroes article about him.