This Back Take Is Super Cool

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Let me continue talking about my favorite BJJ players (I wrote about Marcelo Garcia in the previous post).

The guy I want to talk about today plays a dynamic style of BJJ and has one of the coolest back take moves ever.

He primarily competed in the feather & light weight categories (70-77kg).

Many of you who are relatively new to BJJ may not know much about him as a competitor, but if you do, you probably know him as the co-founder of Checkmat.

His name is Leo Vieira (Leozinho).

Check out this highlight video of Leozinho.

As you can see, he is pretty versatile in all sorts of positions. One of the guys Leozinho is throwing in this video is Matt Serra.

His signature move is called cambalhota, which means backflip. It’s one of the coolest looking back take moves in BJJ. While it might look like one of those fancy moves that never work in an actual situation, cambalhota does work if you understand its mechanics and practice it enough.

Leo himself explains how to do it in this video… so if you are curious about using it, check it out