Slow and Quiet

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We all breathe.

I breathe. You breathe.

But how do you breathe, especially when you roll?

Recently, a visiting black belt (under Roger Gracie, I must add) from the UK commented on how I roll.

It was something like this:

“You are really calm… and I can’t even hear you breathing.”

People often tell me that I’m calm, but I don’t remember people telling me that they can’t hear me breathing. Some of them have surely noticed it, though.

Your breathing patterns often show how exhausted you’re in a match. If you’re breathing heavily, unless you’re faking it, it’s an obvious cue for your opponent to intensify their attacks.

I don’t want to give away this kind of easy signal.

So what do I do?

I make sure to maintain calm breathing patterns during each sparring round.

I breathe slowly and quietly through my nose.

I treat intervals as “practice sessions” for correcting my breathing patterns as quickly as possible.

Every little thing counts in the end, and you can practice most of these little things if they are under your control.

This is another way to improve the quality of your training sessions and your overall game.

p.s. I shared this video a while ago, but I think it’s helpful and worth sharing again. It’s a straightforward breathing exercise. Inhale, hold your breath, exhale, and hold your breath again, according to the video.

When I came across this, my first score was 12 seconds, I think. Now I can do this up to 15 seconds easily. How far can you go?