Production Quality?

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Bernardo Faria posted a new video with Gui Mendes.​

In this video, Gui talks about the importance of controlling the distance when you try to pass your opponent’s guard. You can learn a bit about Gui’s thoughts on passing and BJJ in general from the video, too.

​It’s a promotional video for his new BJJ Fanatics instructional series, which I think just got released a few hours ago.​

One of the comments for this promotional video caught my attention.​

The comment starts as follows:​

“I’m sorry but the production quality of this does not seem that good.”​

And then the commenter says while he respects Gui and Bernardo, the audio quality is not good, and it’s hard to see what’s going in the video.​

He says that he’s going to pass up Gui’s instructional series and that BJJ Fanatics should improve their production quality because they should have enough budget to do so.​

I can understand where he is coming from and agree that BJJ Fanatics could improve their production quality.​

But as someone who had to rely on video tapes and DVDs (oh, and some times black-and-white books with photos) as learning materials, I find it interesting how some people would completely decide not to watch an instructional series, especially when that series features GUI MENDES.​

These instructional materials aren’t cheap, and Gui may not be your favorite kind of instructor in the first place… so I’m not saying everyone should buy Gui’s instructional video series. Still, I feel like new waves of BJJ practitioners are really spoiled, given that they have so many options for their learning resources, whether paid or free.​

Anyway, I highly recommend you to watch the video I mentioned above, especially if you haven’t thought much about different distances in guard passing.​

Also, take a look at this highlight video of Gui Mendes. He was one of the best guard passers in his division. And you might be able to get some new insights from how he passes after all.