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Just a super quick tip today.

I think I mentioned a while ago that you should roll every round if you want to get better at BJJ as quickly as possible.

(This doesn’t apply if you are injured or you really cannot do it/don’t feel like doing it for whatever reason – nothing wrong with that.)

One of the primary reasons I recommend doing this is because you may not be in perfect condition when you compete in a tournament.

It depends on the scale of the tournament you participate in and how big your division is, but it’s not uncommon for you to have to win 3-4 times to win a tournament.

Sure, there are often reasonably long intervals between matches, unlike 1-minute breaks between sparring rounds.

But you will probably have to grapple in a not-so-great condition at the end of the tournament. Or when you have 2 minutes left in your final match.

You can’t ask your opponent to slow down and go easy.

That’s why you have to learn how to compete when you’re tired. Rolling every round will help you prepare for such a situation.

If you can do at least 45-60 minutes of sparring without skipping a round, you will learn how to move more efficiently.

And practice this too:

During intervals, try looking as if you are not tired at all, even when you feel like you’re dying.

Never let your opponent know that you’re exhausted.