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I know I’m joining the bandwagon pretty late…​

But I started watching the Daisy Fresh documentary series recently.​

I feel like most of you have watched it, but in case if you haven’t, it’s a FloGrappling’s documentary series on the Pedigo Submission Fighting team, a.k.a Daisy Fresh.​

Heath, the team’s founder, converted an old laundromat named Daisy Fresh into a gym, and that’s where their street name comes from.​

Their competitors live in the gym and live a jiu-jitsu training lifestyle. You can watch the first episode here, and I recommend you to check it out.​

I’m guessing that how the Daisy Fresh guys live in a dirty gym and train hard all day can be shocking for many viewers. While it may be a new thing in the US, that’s how it’s like in some competitive gyms in Brazil. And that’s more or less why I wasn’t so keen on watching this documentary series until recently. Like… OK, what’s the big deal.​

But I started watching it on a whim, and I ended up liking it very much.​

There are many different ways of practicing BJJ and incorporating it into your lifestyle. You don’t have to train all day, every day, to enjoy BJJ. You don’t have to be a competitor. Some people come to training sessions to socialize with their BJJ buddies. Some people do BJJ to be in better shape. Some people might enjoy training sessions because beer would taste better for them after the sessions. Different motivations. Different reasons. And that’s all good.​

Having said that… I’m definitely partial to those who train hard, and I respect them in a special way. Especially when they are hungry like the Daisy Fresh guys. Whether you are currently skilled or not skilled, strong or weak, or winning or losing doesn’t really matter when you keep showing up to training sessions and train hard (that means not skipping sparring rounds and choosing to spar with better training partners). If you are like that, you deserve some special recognition in my eyes, at least.​

Anyway, if you haven’t watched the documentary, I highly recommend you to watch its first episode here.​

p.s. “Panda Express” is a Chinese takeaway franchise from which Andrew Wiltse of Daisy Fresh loves getting food.