One of the Hardest Submissions to Escape From

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I love triangle choke and use it as my main submission.​

But frankly, it can become way more difficult to make it work against bigger & stronger opponents if you do it from the guard.​

You could say similar things about armbar from the guard, especially in no-gi.​

Even if you have fantastic triangle/armbar skills, applying these submissions from the guard to larger opponents requires a greater degree of precision.​

In other words, it can be easier to escape from these submissions when you are on the receiving end.​

You should still learn and work on them, but it’s also good to know what submissions are generally difficult to escape from.​

One of the most difficult submissions to escape from is d’arce choke.​

It’s a variation of arm-triangle choke (you triangle your opponent using your arms instead of your legs).​

When it’s fully locked, it’s almost like a game-over move. The reason why it’s so hard to escape from d’arce is because the d’arcer would be controlling the opponent’s neck and arm in such a way that the strangled opponent cannot move their arm or get rid of the d’arcer.​

For example, you can set up d’arce from the side control top, the mount, the knee cut pass, the turtle, and the front headlock position.​

As far as your positioning is concerned, you typically need to be in a dominant position to set up d’arce, but the great news is that you can use d’arce to get to such a dominant position, too, when you use it while passing your opponent’s guard.​

If you have short arms, d’arce may not be for you, but otherwise, it’s worth learning d’arce and adding it to your submission options.