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I was never good at sports as a child.

I was into video games and cartoons — a typical nerdy kid.

I wasn’t the smallest kid and was more like somewhere around the average as far as my height was concerned, but I wasn’t strong or quick either.

I would be one of the slowest kids when we had to run a marathon in a PE class — or sprinting, for that matter.

I never liked ball sports. I never liked team sports.

Mostly because I never had a good experience playing a team sport in a school setting, I guess.

Some of you probably have similar experiences and know that, but when you suck at sports and still have to play in a team, other kids are likely to blame you for being useless.

For whatever reason, I somehow got into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, AND have been practicing it since 2002. Some of my training partners weren’t even born yet back then.

Probably because I don’t have to throw, hit, or kick a ball and pass it to others in BJJ. And it’s not a team sport either.

I like this individual aspect of BJJ, though.

You do have to rely on others as your training partners, and I’m grateful for their help.

Ultimately, whether you will improve your skills or not depends on you. Sure, you could say the same about any other disciplines and areas of life.

But at least when it comes to competing against your opponent, it becomes more distinctive… whether you win or lose is up to you.

There are a referee and scores and rules and every other factor, and these things can and do interfere with the result of your match from time to time.

But if you submit your opponent or your opponent submits you in a controlled manner, it’s crystal clear whose skills were better in that given match.

I like that.

Some people complain about how they got robbed by referees. I don’t get that. Mistakes can happen. And some mistakes can be pretty terrible. But you could have finished your opponent in a decisive way.

I prefer to assume my own responsibility with regard to whether I win or lose.

If I lose in BJJ, no one else is to blame but myself.