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I believe every BJJ practitioner can build their unique style based on their body type and preferences.​

I prefer to win by submission and go for it when I compete, but I don’t necessarily look down on people who favor a defensive game or a score-oriented game.​

Having said that, I find it more exciting to watch submission-oriented grapplers who go for the kill.​

Marcelo Garcia, for example.​

I’ve mentioned him multiple times in previous emails. He has one of the perfect styles of grappling, which we can at least study if not copy.​

Marcelo is excellent in every aspect of the game: takedowns, guard passing, sweeping, and submissions. His attacks are relentless and chained well together. He creates scrambles, takes his opponent’s back, and finishes his opponent with RNC consistently. He often uses guillotine and north/south choke as part of his repertoire, too.​

I realize that some of you have been playing BJJ long enough to know who Marcelo Garcia is, but I’m aware that more than a few of you may not know much about this GOAT after all.​

Check out this short highlight video for a starter, and look up some other videos of Marcelo Garcia if you like. Your BJJ will improve (at least a little bit) just by watching how Marcelo Garcia does his things — he’s that good.