Focus On Your Journey

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Everyone has a different set of reasons and motivations for practicing BJJ.

Some of such motivations might be external, like being recognized and praised by others through winning competitions.

Some of such motivations might be internal, like enjoying your learning process for the sake of learning new things.

It’s pretty natural to have both kinds of motivations. At least it’s pretty natural to feel good about being recognized and praised by others, as well as learning new things and feeling like you’ve made some progress.

Practically speaking, though, you cannot always satisfy your external motivations. You cannot always win. You cannot always get others to recognize/praise you. Because meeting these motivations depends on factors external to you.

If you are more inclined to practice BJJ for these external motivations, it will be difficult for you to keep satisfying yourself. And when you keep failing to satisfy your motivations, you might end up crashing & burning at some point.

If you are internally motivated… if your satisfaction depends on factors you can control, I bet you will be more likely to keep enjoying BJJ without crashing & burning.

Realize that your BJJ journey is your journey and not someone else’s. You don’t need to compare yourself with others.

Focus on your journey.

And enjoy it.

p.s. Sometimes what you thought you wanted may not be what you really wanted.