I Recommend THIS to Every BJJ Beginner

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When you start learning BJJ, it can be overwhelming.

There are so many positions and concepts in BJJ which you probably had never come across in your entire life.

You might have done some other grappling martial art like wrestling or Judo.

But still… you’d need to learn a lot of BJJ-specific things.

BJJ keeps evolving, and new moves keep coming up on a regular basis.

BJJ can be so exciting because you always have new things to learn. But that makes things complicated and overwhelming as well.

Now… I have something to recommend to every BJJ beginner.

Follow this, and you can avoid being overwhelmed by the constant stream of new things to learn.

You can also make sure your BJJ progress will be nice and steady.

It helps you with each roll as well, because it gives you a specific goal.

What do I recommend?

It’s quite simple…

Find one move that you like, and focus on hitting that move over and over in sparring.

Let’s say you feel comfortable with half guard.

If that’s the case, just stick with half guard and work on one sweep from half guard as much as possible.

Unless you are doing positional sparring, you won’t be starting from half guard.

So, you will need to figure out how to bring your opponent into half guard.

But the thing is… when you decide on half guard, you can stop worrying about other positions (for now). You can just focus on half guard.

Another tip is to focus on keeping that position. Sure, ideally, you want to execute your favorite move, but you need to know where you can be safe.

I said I recommend this to every BJJ beginner. In reality, though, I use the same process when I work on a new position.

I decide what to work on. I focus on the defensive aspects of this position/move first. And then I keep practicing the move again and again.

If you are new to BJJ & already have a favorite move you want to get better at, that’s great.

If you’re unsure which move might be good for you & want to get my advice, just hit reply and ask. I’m happy to help. Your body type can be a good indicator… so make sure to describe what it’s like.