Don’t Miss Out on These Learning Opportunities

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How much do you disengage from your training partner’s offensive attempts in sparring?

What I mean by “disengaging” here is something like avoiding your opponent’s offensive attempts by actively moving away from your opponent.

So, instead of trying to “engage” with your opponent’s guard by moving closer to them and actively trying to secure a superior position, you would be avoiding making contact with them more or less.

It might be tempting to do this, especially against someone more skilled or stronger than you.

But… I’d discourage it for the most part.

My main reason is this:

You will miss out on learning opportunities if you disengage too much & too often.

By engaging with your training partner, you can improve your skills in solving the problems your partner is presenting you.

If you just run away from them, you will not learn how to solve them.

You might be afraid of making mistakes by engaging with your training partner, but it’s exactly why we train – we are there to make mistakes so we won’t make mistakes or will be prepared to recover quickly from errors in a real match.

Make sure to get the most out of your learning opportunities.